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Chen Style Certification


Beginning in November 2011, Chen Xiaowang began to offer Chen Style Certification. The purpose of this optional exam is to aid students who wish to confirm their level of competence in the various forms of Chen Style Taijiquan. Certification is often required in order to teach, to act as a referee or as a sportsman, etc. Chen Xiaowang will personally conduct the examination and grant certification.


Every form will be examined individually from beginning to end and must show all aspects of the form: sequence, tempo, fajin, small or big circle, etc.

All students must first pass the basic exercise of chan si gong, including stepping and zhan zhuang. Students then can choose any additional forms for certification.

Students must show at least 80% proficiency to receive unconditional certification, which will be recognized worldwide.

Conditional certificates will be awarded to students who show 60 to 80% proficiency. Conditional certificates are valid for 3 years, after which the student will be examined again.


Certification Examinations will be available at the workshops. Request an appointment for individual examinations by sending an email or contacting the host of a workshop where GM Chen will be teaching.


150 Euro fee for each certificate
The fee is not collected if the student does not receive certification

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